MS Fineapple

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This work did not begin with me. Our ancestors have hoped for a great work to start with US! Lets start with Mississippi


Make Room For your Crown


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We were all created in the image of Greatness! 



Battling depression and anxiety…

i constantly looked for ways to increase positive emotion within myself. I began to notice my attraction to pineapples more and more. The site of a pineapple grounded me and forced me to live in the present! in turn, i began to view the pineapple as more than am object but something with deeper meaning! see, pineapples are extremely difficult to cut into. No one knows their exact place of origin or how they grow. It takes nearly 3 years for one pineapple to mature, and though its spiky exterior may scare people, it continues to stand tall.  while we love the sweetness of an already cut up pineapple, can we appreciate its journey to get there? my story parallels that of a pineapple. the constant appearing of pineapples and the sharing of pineapples by family and friends has strengthened my spiritual journey, quickly shifting my fear to optimism.  

the fineapple movement is dedicated to advocating for the importance of art and mental health using variations of a pineapple. A pineapple is a traditional gesture of hospitality. hopeful kreations uses the pineapple to influence our mental ( the ability to welcome positive thoughts), physical (the ability to welcome self-love), emotional (the ability to welcome healthy coping skills), and spiritual (the ability to welcome discernment) well-being.

We should look at ourselves and others as pineapples, messy, yet mystifying and magical. 



Pineapples with a Purpose


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Our mental well being is imperative! Atop the brain is the Adinkra symbol "AYA Fern" meaning endurance and resourcefulness.





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Celebrate your self-love. Own your FINEAPPLE-NESS!